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What keeps you awake at night?

Whilst we offer all the traditional services of an accounting firm, our clients get the most value out of the non-traditional services we offer.

Clients often turn to us as first point of call for assistance with a range of business, personal and family matters. We are able to assist them directly or in conjunction with our network of experienced, like minded professionals.

We help our clients to sleep better at night. Some examples of this are:

Tax Minimisation

A new client owned business premises in his own name and charged no rent. We were able to put a structure in place that allowed the client’s super fund to purchase the business premises and rent it back to the business whilst commencing a pension for the client. The result was that the business now received a deduction for over $120,000 p.a. for rent and paid no tax on the income as the fund was in pension phase, resulting in an annual $57,000 reduction in income tax.

Business Transaction Review

A client was looking to finance the acquisition of a new warehouse and had us review their funding arrangements with a major bank as part of the transaction. We identified that the bank had not applied a discounted interest rate to existing loans, which resulted in our client receiving a $12,000 refund of interest.

Estate Planning and Succession Planning

A mother and father wanted to gradually introduce their adult children into control of the family group of businesses. We set out a succession plan that allowed for the gradual, staged transference of the business between generations whilst ensuring the parents had ultimate control, if required, and minimising income tax and stamp duty cost.

Business Transaction Co-ordination

A client sold a one-third interest in a business to a multinational corporation for $5m. We were able to project manage the sale for our client and coordinate all the professionals required to complete the sale.

Business Consulting

A client had a tenant who ran into severe financial difficulty. By negotiating on the tenants behalf with the ATO, we were able to have over $160,000 in penalties and interest remitted and an ATO payment plan in place rather than the tenant being wound up.

Marriage Breakdown and Family Law

Some of our clients have unfortunately had their or their children’s marriages come to an end. On a number of occasions, we have worked with both parties and their legal representatives to get a fair result for all involved whilst minimising adverse income tax and stamp duty implications.

Tax Minimisation

A client had a sizeable capital gain. He and his family had recently returned from living overseas. Upon reviewing his taxation affairs and residency status, we identified that the tax residency laws operated to give him a $3m savings in tax payable on the capital gain. Upon lodgement of the clients return, the ATO conducted a review and then audit of the clients affairs, ultimately agreeing with our interpretation and confirming the $3m savings for our client.

Business Transaction Co-ordination

A client sold a business to the Brisbane City Council for $22m. We were able to project manage the sale for our client and coordinate all the professionals required to complete the sale and provide taxation advice to minimise the ultimate capital gain.

Personal Experience

In running his own business, Michael has:

  • Bought (and sold) four office premises
  • Acquired two businesses (one in another city)
  • Merged that additional business with his existing business for physical procedures, IT and telecommunications infrastructure in two separate physical locations
  • Exited a business with clients and staff, starting a new business, redesigning the operations of the business from the ground up for more efficient, cost effective operation via improved systems and technology


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